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    Recruiting Publishers on PepperJam - Worth it?
    Is anyone here a merchant on PJ that has used their platform for recruiting publishers/affiliates? What do you think?

    I currently use ShareASale, and am thinking about switching over. The reason I want to switch is so I can have access to their publishers/affiliates. On ShareASale you don't have access to them, but they can reach out to you. I get about 20 affiliate requests a week to my program ($1 per member, $10 per buyer), but there is no way to go out and search for them. I've had 2 GREAT affiliates that I've found because they reached out to me. The rest of them have been pretty much zero's.

    My biggest question is whether it's worth the $2k set up fee to have access to their publishers/affiliates? Has anyone used PJ to source affiliates for your program?

    Just as an FYI - In my experience PJ has these advantages over ShareASale:
    - Real time reporting. With ShareASale I have to wait until tomorrow to see my reporting. I'm blind to spikes and dips in conversions until reporting is run at night.
    - You apparently can search for publishers/affiliates (is this bunk?)
    - The interface is easier to navigate, and it's easier for new affiliates to sign up and find the right link for your program (with ShareASale I have to send screenshot instructions to new affiliates on how to find the link they need to use when posting)

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    Not a merchant on PJN or SAS - but as an affiliate I USED to love PJN. They've gone way downhill since Kris sold - IMhO.

    Sometimes we don't login to PJN for a week or so. Just to check stats and to decline offers from merchants who don't bother to check our websites to see we don't market what they're peddling...
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    There are no advantages to switching over or launching a second program. Make your ShareASale program a success before launching another network.

    It's like making cookies. You just have to have the recipe.

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    Each network has strengths and weaknesses (like interface functionalities), and strong and weak verticals. A multi-network strategy makes sense for some merchants that would otherwise limit their opportunity given the strength of a single network in a specific vertical. One other factor is if you want a network partner or a tracking solution, whether you hire someone to manage your program for you, or you work directly with the network.

    ABW's Matt Bidinger (I.M.O.G.) did a great network comparison that may help you make your decision.

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    I should have been more upfront about my post. Pepperjam sucks. Stick with Shareasale until you are ready to grow.

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