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    Am I allowed to change the anchor text of text links?
    As an GAN affiliate want to know that, Am I allowed change anchor text of the text links while not changing the tracking URL?

    Usually, I do this in other networks with no issues because same texts in every site will detect as duplicate content which will degrade the uniqueness of the site .

    However, I just want to verify that it is allowed or not in GAN.

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    You can change anchor text for any affiliate link if you are using HTML code.

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    I know our program usually includes merchandising text with a similar message included in the landing page, but that isn't going to fit on every page of course. At least for our program, we expect you to change it if it doesn't work for your page.

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    Most of my Affiliate Window merchants permit the text to be changed, as long as it doesn't become misleading, improper, gambling-oriented - you know the list.

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