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    Third Party tracking for web page I don't control
    I want to do a media buy, direct link to a merchant on linkshare and send tracking data to a third party. (The problem here is that, since I don't control the landing page -- I can't put tracking code on the landing page.)

    I might get some decent tracking with a conversion pixel or a post back link but I'm not sure how to implement either.

    What is a postback link?
    A postback link is a link your tracking software will provide you that you can place somewhere within your affiliate network and with it the network can ping your tracking software to let you know that you got a conversion. It sounds a bit confusing, but itís actually very simple. After I've setup my postback link on Linkshare --- Linkshare would ping that link every time I got a conversion and that ping will add the conversion to my tracking software on my own server.

    What is a conversion pixel?
    A conversion pixel accomplishes the same exact thing as a postback link, but it works a little different. Both postback links and pixels will notify your server when you get a conversion, but with the pixel it simply adds an invisible image or iFrame to the advertiserís conversion page. When that page loads (when the user is on the conversion page) your image or iFrame will notify your server that you got a conversion. Most advertisers prefer to use pixels. Are most campaigns run on linkshare tracked using pixels? Can I place my third party tracking pixel on linkshare so that itís simply placed within linkshare's pixel.There are two different types of pixels:

    Image Pixel
    iFrame Pixel

    (Its better to use the image pixel.)

    I copied the above explanations from another network and added linkshare's name at the appropriate moments. However, I don't know if Linkshare allows this or enables the implementation of either tracking strategy.

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    Probably not a good idea to have inserted Linkshare in place of the other network's name - someone is going to come along and get very confused.

    That being said, are you an affiliate or a merchant? The above sounds like it's targeted to merchants. Affiliates who want to track individual campaigns can do so by adding a unique "SID" (sub-ID tracking) to the end of their LinkShare affiliate link. That code is:

    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    We add tracking and pixels for certain affiliate partners particularly for PPC. It goes on the affiliates site. There are two other networks that I know of that utilize pixel containers but the merchant/AM needs to activate that.

    sub-ID tracking can help find clicks that convert but is very limited in how much information you gather. Its better than nothing!

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