We’re excited to announce the launch of the Jewel Hut affiliate program on Affiliate Window!!

The Jewel Hut is a popular online jewelry retailer showcasing the best in designer jewelry. Signature brands include bestsellers Links of London and Swarovski but in total a range of 40+ brands is available that only continues to grow.

Why join the Jewel Hut affiliate program?

  • As an introductory offer, until 28th February 2013, we will offer a fantastic 20% commission rate for all validated Jewel Hut sales generated online.
  • After this initial bonus period, the commission will revert to the fantastic base rate of 8%. We also provide a 30 day cookie period to aid you in generating those sales!
  • The Jewel Hut offers FREE delivery on all orders to customers in the US.
  • The Jewel Hut program offers a wide range of creative to choose from, and we’ll make sure to keep you updated on all the latest news and offers.

Terms & Conditions
You can find full terms & conditions related to the Jewel Hut affiliate program on our Affiliate Window program profile.
So, sign up to the Jewel Hut affiliate program today and start enjoying the benefits of this great program.