If you think about the size of the homeopathic healthcare market every time you hear about the dangers of antibacterial products, then we have an affiliate program that will knock your socks off.

About us
Defense Soap leads the world in providing MMA, BJJ, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and Wrestlers with soap products containing natural ingredients that helps protect the skin from MRSA, Staph, Ringworm, Impetigo and Herpes. Today, with the concerns about the ineffectiveness and dangers of antibacterial chemicals Defense Soap is in the mainstream.

We’ve proved ourselves in the world of contact sports, now our customer base is in the millions...

Anyone who is in contact with the public, especially in industries where sanitation is an issue are potential customers. Gym owners and members, construction workers, healthcare workers, teachers, plumbers, hairdressers, day care center workers, food processors, food service providers, landscapers, gardeners, & flight attendants are just a few examples.

What’s more, 30-40% of our customers purchase on average 4-5x’s per year. Orders range from $20-$300 with an average value of $45.

Affiliate program payouts & features
  • • 15% for New orders
  • • 15% for Repeat orders (30-40% of customers reorder)
  • • Triple redundancy tracking —IP, cookies, sessions.
  • • Built-in commission fraud controls.
  • • PHP sha1 password encryption.
  • • 2nd Tier commission 5% on all orders

Extremely high-quality products sell themselves
  • • Earnings per hundred clicks (EPC) approximately $80—$120.00.
  • • Average conversion rates from shopping cart as high as 12-15%
  • • A complete and unique line of products with substantial USP’s
  • • Aggressive coupon programs for all active affiliates.

Defense Soap is a disposable consumer product made in the USA in FDA regulated facilities. Learn more

Please get in touch for any questions or feedback at vc@defensesoap.com