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3 Useful Tips to Help You Sell More Security Software

It is the middle of January and if not yet, within the next couple of weeks a lot of consumers are going to be looking to purchase antivirus & internet security software for PCs and tablets that have trials expiring soon. Although PC sales were down overall, according to USA Today 89.8 million computers were sold in Q4 of 2012. This means that there is a significant opportunity to earn commissions on security software in Q1 2013. oneNetworkDirect wants to help you take advantage of holiday PC sales with these three tips to help you sell more security software in Q1.

  1. Make sure you are approved in all security programs. Avast, Bitdefender, iolo, Kaspersky, McAfee, PC Tools, Sophos, Trend Micro are a few good ones to start with. Programs such as Absolute Software with their LoJack for Laptops product will also be beneficial to your customers who have a laptop or tablet. For a full list of security & utility programs first login to oneNetworkDirect, then Click Here
  2. Talk about security software. If you have a blog or content site, or even if you donít, use your communication channels to get the word out about the need for quality protection. If they arenít showing up now, your customerís with new computers will soon be getting nag screens from factory installed security software to upgrade to a paid subscription. A lot of people shop at this time and it is a great opportunity to turn a shopper into a customer.
  3. Offer a discount. If you havenít tried out the oneNetworkDirect coupon feed yet, now is the time. There are between hundreds and thousands of coupons available to you through the oneNetworkDirect coupon datafeed depending on how many programs you have joined. Many top performing merchants have offered percentage and dollar off coupons for affiliates to use to promote their software to price sensitive customers. Learn how to create a coupon catalog here.
Donít wait, the timing is great to begin promoting security software through oneNetworkDirect.* Get started today!

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