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    September 18th, 2008
    can`t login for 7days, redirect to
    I just found some other mate experienced the same situation. I tried everything: Firefox, IE, safari, chrome, win8 / IOS, still got this redirect.

    Clearing cookie not works for my case.

    Every time I login, it will redirect to affiliate network home page, then when I click the “sign in " button on the top right, it had no respond......

    I have written to support, 5 days ... no reply.

    Jamie, I love you, please help. (I just want to quit some program in CJ and join their GAN`s program for the little safari compensation)

    PS: If Google account services had updated recently, I was really concerned. My login email was used for an account before I used it for Google business app, which was independent service. (One email, 2 password, different services, I have used the app account for affiliate network in the past 2 years, I count still accessed the email account expect affiliate network)

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    September 18th, 2008
    OK , Google just confirmed that my account had been disabled because of non-compliant activity...

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