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    Question New to wrdpress- security advice
    Just installed wordpress for the first time for a new blog.

    Want to make it as secure as possible (shared hosting)

    I've gone thru the very ueˇseful article that writerguy linked to on this post from 2010 (Thanks)

    But was looking for any more security tips.

    Especialy recomendations for firewalls/ admin area protection and backup plugins that have been tested with the latest version of Wordpress.

    Thanks in advance

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    This is from Did you see this?

    WordPress › Better WP Security « WordPress Plugins
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    That looks pretty good , Thanks Rhia

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    I'd suggest making sure your WordPress USERNAME Login isn't the default "admin"

    Although your hosting company will have your files backed up, you could also install a WP data backup plugin and get it sent to your email address.

    ALWAYS update when prompted!

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    Thanks Catherine,

    Your right all 3 accounts.

    Heres an update!

    I've now done the stuff mentioned on the link in my first post and installled the plugin that Rhia recommended.

    Its a good plugin and seems to have most things covered and if you're a newb like me it guides you thru the process pretty nicely.

    The plugin is set to send me a database backup every week by email on top of which I download a copy of my image uploads, template and plugins by ftp when I make changes and check the security settings of files and folders on my server when ever I make a change (just in cas)so I think that I'm fairly OK.

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