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    Tool to help Inexperienced affiliates get URL
    Greetings All,

    I am a merchant new to affiliate marketing. I want to sign up many college students as affiliates. Most of them will not be looking to make a career out of affilate marketing, but would be happy to have some extra cash for talking about the brand.

    While I know it is normally the responsibility of the affilate to set up their own URL, I would like to be able to help the college affiliates to quickly and simply set up their own URL. Ideally, the service would also allow them to pick from one of our three or four templates for the page. Perhaps one that even allows me, as the merchant, to register it for them.

    We are part of the Shareasale network.

    Does such a service or software exist?



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    Share A Sale has their Make A Page, under Tools.

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    Thanks for the tip. Maybe I am too new, but I don't see it there.

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