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    January 20th, 2013
    Click to Call Questions
    Ok, so I've been trying click to call with adwords.

    Here's what's happened.
    Campaign 1: 9 Wap mobile clicks, 3 calls, no comissions (one close.
    Campaign 2: 1 wap mobile click, 0 calls.
    Campaign 3: 3 Wap Mobile Clicks, 0 calls.

    So that's 14 people who clicked the number and only 3 calls. A horrible click to call right considering they're clicking an actual phone number.

    I was wondering what other people are getting in terms of ratios of clicks/calls and calls/conversions.

    It should be higher than 3/14, no?

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    January 20th, 2013
    Pay Per Call
    K, i'm not sure if my last post was deleted, but regardless.

    I've been doing pay per call, advertising with WAP but only 3/14 clicks which should have all been clicks to call actually were listed as calls.

    is this standard? What's the dilly?

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    Hello TatM, not much conversation on the forum recently about Pay-per-call. Have looking into it for several clients but none have signed the additional agreements and launched. There are some Facebook groups that discuss so recommend looking there.

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