Hello, ABW Friends!

TeamTreehouse.com has 10 promotional videos now available for directing traffic from your website to theirs!

On the ShareASale network, please reference the titles below for the TeamTreehouse video creatives:

1. TeamTreehouse Introduction to Programming
2. TeamTreehouse Android App Themes
3. TeamTreehouse Exercise Your Creative - Sprints
4. TeamTreehouse Getting Started with HTML
5. TeamTreehouse Quick Tip CSS Full Background
6. TeamTreehouse How to Edit HTML
7. TeamTreehouse Learn to Code with TreeHouse
8. TeamTreehouse Takes You Where You Want to Go
9. TeamTreehouse Show
10. TeamTreehouse Prototyping IOS App

Steps for retrieving TeamTreehouse's promtional video links on the ShareASale network:

1. Log in to your Affiliate account
2. Hover over "LINKS"
3. Click "GET A LINK / BANNER"
4. From "Specific Merchant" drop-down, choose "Treehouse - 43811"
5. Click "Refresh Report to View Below"
6. Click "Get Links"
7. Click "Videos"
8. Click "Preview / Get HTML"
9. Click "Get HTML Code"

If you need additional help retrieving the videos, please call or email me. Hope you're having a happy new year!