has just teamed up with, which is on the PepperJam Network. Starting at only $7.99 per month, users can buy insurance for mobile phones and home electronics for as low as $2.49 per month. Other options include pet insurance coverage for cats and dogs in the event of illness, accidents and even vet visits starting at $14 per monnth. We also have insurance coverage plans for travel. Protecting holders in the event of trip cancellations, baggage loss, and even delays.

What sets them apart?
1. Insurance on smart phones, tablets, laptops, pets and travel
2. Provide millions of customers with the comfort of knowing their products can be repaired or replaced
3. A range of quality products that are realistically priced and constantly growing and evolving

Program Details:
Commission Rate:
Gadget Insurance - $9.25
Home Gadget Insurance - $9.25
Pet Insurance - $35.00
Travel Insurance - $10.00
Rental Car Insurance - $4.00
Cookie Duration: 30 Days
Network: PepperJam

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We look forward to a mutually profitable relationship. Please feel free to contact me for further assistance.