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    Question about listing my sites with shareasale?

    i apologise if its a simple question, but i couldn't find the answer elsewhere.

    In my account settings theres a box to input my main WWW address, then theres a box for additional sites i control.

    I have quite a few squidoo lenses with shareasale aff links on- there is not space to enter them all in this box-

    will this cause problems in sales tracking properly, is there anywhere i need to input a comprehensive list of the sites i have the aff links on?



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    No worries, all of your links will track properly whether the sites are listed in your profile or not. The sites listed on your profile page aren't for tracking purposes, but rather to provide potential merchants with a view of the sites that you may use to promote them when applying to new programs.

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    Managers just need a sampling of what you have to offer. If you want to add a specific url to an application, that helps even more.

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    Are you actually supposed to do Shareasale links on Squidoo? A Squidoo lens isn't really a site you control. If Squidoo decides to block or lock or whatever your lens -- that shows you really don't control it.

    I've linked to Shareasale merchants on a lens -- but only by linking to a page on my website (page or "post" on WP sites) where the link is for a SAS merchant.

    I would be careful about checking with a merchant before using a direct link to that merchant on a Squidoo lens -- and I also would check carefully what the policies might be at Squidoo.

    I'm not personally clear about all that, because I've done very few lenses.

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    I wouldn't have a problem with an affiliate linking to a program I manage from a Squidoo lens. If the page is honest then I don't see a problem and occasionally see sales coming from lenses.

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