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    Couple of book recommendations (business-related)
    It's been a struggle running my affiliate sites in the past 6-8 months (see previous posts if you care to know why!). I'm self-employed and while I take on the odd contract job, the sites are really my bread & butter (or should be). Being an affiliate is stressful, but I suppose it's just as stressful worrying about the future of an existing job.

    Reducing this stress isn't easy - but you need a clear head to move forward with change (or even just adapting to change).

    A friend of mine suggested this book (on the NY Times Bestseller list), and I started reading it this week. If you're trying to move forward in a stressful environment, I HIGHLY recommend you take a look:

    Another one that is just plain helpful:
    Rework: Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson: 9780307463746: Books

    Thought I would share - I've already identified some habits that need to be replaced

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    Thanks I've read this second book and it is okay.

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