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    Allowing a developer Admin access
    I'm uncertain how to proceed with something, want to throw it out there..

    I recently performed a major upgrade to a Joomla site - 4 years of content, 5k+ articles. The site is working well, except for pagination URLs in the site's own search results page - those URLs are generated by a 3rd party component that I purchased.

    The developer has asked for Admin access to diagnose & fix the problem (we have been unable to resolve this via a support ticket).. in my 5+ years running my own sites, I have never (repeat never!) granted access to anyone other than a developer I trusted completely (who is no longer available to assist).

    It seems to be a pretty common troubleshooting request - has anyone ever provided (temporary) Super Admin access to a 3rd party..?? More specifically, am I being too paranoid & stubborn for my own good..?!

    (ps. I already maintain regular backup)

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    that would be tough. would there be a way to create a working copy of the portion of the site with the problem? then you could give access to the copy to find the problem, then apply the fix to your production site.

    good luck

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    Thanks for the suggestion, superCool... I just had a breakthrough, and fixed my own problem!!

    It's been bugging me for a week, and took 5+ hours this aft, but was definitely worth the effort!

    I'm constantly surprised how often plugin developers are granted admin access - in this case, the Admin user & password were actually fields in the support ticket system, and I don't doubt that end-users have actually filled in the data (a major breach of the most basic security!).

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