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    Florida House Bill HB497 - Affiliate Nexus
    Florida is at it again, going after an Amazon Tax:

    Click-Through Nexus

    The bill creates a rebuttable presumption that every dealer who makes mail order sales will be required to levy and collect sales and use tax if the dealer enters into an agreement with one or more Florida residents under which the resident, for a commission or other consideration, directly or indirectly refers potential customers to the dealer. Referrals can be through a link on an Internet website, an in-person oral presentation, telemarketing, or otherwise. The cumulative gross receipts from sales to in-state customers who are referred to the dealer by residents with this type of an agreement must be in excess of $10,000 during the preceding 12 months.
    If enacted, this Bill would become effective July 1, 2013.
    Click Here For Full Description
    Merchants, any data you provide to Google Shopping should also be in your affiliate network datafeed. More data means more sales!

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    There's talk about that in Kansas as well. Will see if I can get that posted too.

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    Here we go again - fortunately Fanatics is FL-based, so our affiliates don't need to fear this, but affiliates who live in FL are going to want to organize and testify if they can get the opportunity.
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