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    January 22nd, 2013
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    All Microsoft, all the time
    I posted kind of about this on my blog, but don't want to potentially upset anyone here since I'm new.
    I am an Apple fan... since I tried my first Mac I've been hooked. After a few Macs I entered the PC world, since my career used only PC's.
    I've continued to use Apple accessories, and multiple ipods, iphones, ipads later, I'm frustrated and ready to skip my phone across a pond!
    They Get slow, fast. Use the iphone for a year and you WILL see it lagging and getting slower. I have to frequently tap icons twice to get them, and it just seems to 'hang' on something.... about once a day.
    Honestly believe the new interfaces from Android, Microsoft, and even what I've seen of the new BlackBerrys, have eclipsed and done a better job than Apples
    I saw the new Windows 8 interface and fell in love. Updated my computer and it immediately became faster and more stable.
    Got excited about the Surface, tried it and bought it on the spot. Is it perfect, no. But I absolutely LOVE my surface.
    So, made the mistake of trying the Nokia 920. My gosh, I'm in love with this phone and think daily about when I can get out of my 2 years of my iphone!
    This summer, I'm waiting for you to come!

    Have a great weekend all!

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    Got an iPhone last year for the first time and love it. Haven't had one problem with it. Plan to go back to a Macbook Pro this year as well, much less trouble.

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    I'm a PC girl, though I do have an iPhone and iPad. I've got a friend who is very upset with the new pricing plan for Adobe programs, like Photoshop, so she's thinking of maybe switching back to PC for more options in those types of programs.

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    My wife and I both have the HTC EVO 4G and love them - suits all of our needs for the time being.

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