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    Thoughts on in-line ads
    Hi all,

    I would love to hear your thoughts on in-line advertising (is that the correct term?)

    I mean those ads that make certain words in blog posts, articles etc clickable.

    Are you a fan of these types of ads?

    What makes a good in-line program in your opinion?

    Many thanks.


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    If by "in-line ads" you mean those ads inserted by merchants as links to words on your website -- the kind that usually have an annoying pop-up ad whenever someone hovers over the targeted word -- I hate 'em.

    If you mean linking to a text word or phrase yourself within a blog post or other content on your site, they are really the best and most effective ads I use.

    Just my 2 cents, but I do my best to run far and fast away from blogs or websites that have those incredibly annoying hover/pop-up text ads.

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    Dean look up contextual advertising in particular AdSense. There are affiliate models like Skimlinks, Viglinks and AvantLink's ALE. Let us know if that is what you mean?

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    I've also seem some great results from They got some great tools to ensure that the product match for each link is the top performer/seller. Their affiliate base seems pretty happy.

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    What I am thinking is the type that "writerguy" referred to... BUT, without the annoying pop-up.

    It is something I am considering offering to my affiliates (plus the usual options), any tips on do's and dont's for this type of ad/program?

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