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    Hi All,

    I have created a affiliate website and enrolled into commission junction (CJ) network. I am in US and setup the payment settings USD in my CJ account.

    I have applied for affiliation program through CJ network. For some advertiser i am getting declined automatically. What could be the reason and how to resolve this issue.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    there are many reasons your site could be declined by CJ. being new and unproven is one. and some affiliate managers apparently worry too much about their EPC.

    why not work at promoting the merchants that have accepted you and apply some time in the future?

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    There are countless reasons why you may be getting denied. Some of the most common are things like:

    1. Site is still under construction
    2. Site is poorly constructed - typos, inconsistent design
    3. Site is not a good match for the merchant
    4. Site is so new that there's very little content, or only content is scrapped from common sources.
    5. When a site is brand new, I look to see if the registration information is hidden. If it is, I won't accept you, because I can't confirm who you are, and I'm not risking my relationship with my merchants on someone I don't know.
    6. EPC can be a huge factor on some networks, so yes, unless you are producing sales, you could pull a merchant down, so they won't risk a newbie.

    Keep trying, build on what you've got, and show everyone you are someone who's great to work with!

    All of these could be reasons why.

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    Thank you all.

    My website is already launched and have content and working links. I didn't get any rejections on manual approval.

    Rejections which i got is automatically (the moment I select apply for particular affiliate program getting the decline message in 2 sec) for some advertisers. so it seems like those advertisers have specific protocols and looking sales history as you mention in 6th point.


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    You are getting auto filtered, if you really want to work with the merchant contact their AM and ask for another consideration.

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