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Five For Friday ? February 11-15, 2013

Here are five of this week’s most important and most interesting posts and articles regarding online marketing:

1.* Facebook Graph Search Review: How It Works – Social Media Examiner has a very nice roundup article on what the graph search feature of Facebook is and how you can use it for marketing purposes. If you’ve been looking for a summary piece that provides what you need to know about the feature among all the millions of pieces written, give this article a read.

2.* Should I Use Canonical to Solve Blog Tag Duplicate Issue? (Weekly Q&A) — Internet Marketing Ninjas is growing like hotcakes, and their weekly Q&A column is a staple that acts like maple syrup to give it a nice, yummy taste. Ann Smarty has advice on dealing with the problem of duplicate blog tags, another conundrum in the realm of duplicate “stuff” and Google.

3.* Social SEO Strategies: Mastering the Art of Social SEO — Catalyst has released a new ebook that explains how social SEO works, providing a guide so that you can make use of the strategies, tactics, and tools needed to succeed.

4.* NASA Hosts Its First Google+ Hangout Connecting with Space Station — This may not be quite on topic, but it’s something you should consider attending if you are a fan of space-related events. It’s not often that you get a chance to hang out with some people in orbit.

5.* Optimizing for conversions made easy with Search Funnels data in your AdWords tabs — Google announces an improvement that will make it easier to find out which keywords are helping conversions the most.

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