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    Hello fellow marketers!

    1. I'm new to this, don't shoot... too much
    2. What are the top 5 sites to go for physical products?
    3. What are the top 5 sites to go for non-physical products?
    4. What is clickbank- as in - is it an affiliate aggregator, program, directory? What "keyword" describes sites like cb?
    5. How actual are the "Section 2:Traffic Generation"? Any important traffic source is missing from it?

    I've tried to use websites like "site-like-this"., but all I got was a lot of "how to get rich fast on clickbank", ironically set up by affiliate marketers

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    Naw, we won't shoot you, but the points 2 & 3 are like saying "how many cups of water are in the ocean at this moment" - you'd need to narrow those way down for any good answers.

    I'm not with Clickbank, so I can't answer their questions as well as they could, but they are a type of affiliate network primarily doing digital downloads or non-physical products. Their affiliates are mostly known for doing PPC promotion. To me they are very different from the other affiliate networks, such as the one I work for.

    Concerning question 5, let me just say that PPC is extremely competitive, and it's easy to lose your shirt before you make $1. Not to say it can't be done, but there's no single magic formula that everyone can follow to make their millions online. In many cases, the only ones making money are the folks selling the programs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JCrooks - AffiliateWindow View Post
    you'd need to narrow those way down for any good answers.
    Ok, what are the most important criteria for narrowing "top 5" sites?

    PPC is extremely competitive
    Skills + deep pockets?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ndimension View Post
    Ok, what are the most important criteria for narrowing "top 5" sites?
    What are you asking? What are the top 5 what? Based on what?

    Quote Originally Posted by ndimension View Post
    Skills + deep pockets?
    Skills is #1 on PPC
    Having the cash to do so is #2

    Learn the skills and save the cash...
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    I don't understand the Top 5 question... top 5 sites to "go to" for what?

    Examples: sites to go to for comprehensive information, top ranking, reviews, total sales, affiliate conversion..

    Or are you just looking for the top sites to promote..?

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    Clickbank is big for digital products.

    Commission Junction is big for physical products.

    Here's a few others to checkout

    I agree with J Crooks that a lot of traffic for Clickbank products is generated by PPC. PPC is not the only way to succeed on Clickbank though. If you find a product there with related keywords that have low competition and where the vendor has no real website (unfortunately there are tons of these - they just have a sales page) you can build an authority site of your own on the topic, build links to your site, and then have your site link to the vendor's sales page. It takes some work but it's free to do.

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    Best network I work with regarding products, earnings and excellent affiliate tools is (They have a very responsive forum right here, as a matter of fact.)

    Generate more fake news.

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