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    Interesting about Google & Linkshare
    As I was looking at some nice jewelry online I thought about how difficult is it becoming for affiliates to battle the heavy weights to make sales these days with the way they have manipulated the search results.

    Google and Rakutan (Linkshare), 2 of the top few affiliate networks show their true colors when you search for big ticket items like high end jewelry. They obviously use their affiliate programs as a front, similar to gangsters peddling stuff in the decades past...

    when I searched for the term "Eighty-Eight Cut Diamond Engagement Ring " I got about 4 google adds, then 2 Rakutan links to their own shop it seems. A couple of others filled up the page which was also bottomed out with a barrage of more google ads at the bottom. Funny you don't see this by Google on pages about nature or something...

    Even if you get to no 1 in organic you will be half way down the page and then you have to battle with Linkshare themselves which would probably meaning a certain drop of a few more spots...
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    Interesting about Google & Linkshare - that's called an oxymoron.

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