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    Please suggest me some good reads for a n affiliate marketing beginner
    I am an affiliate marketer who has just started out. Can you guys please give me some links to a few good reads. I haven't made a single penny from affiliate marketing so far. So I think you get the point!

    Anyway I have around 10 websites and I am making some money online, thats all from adsense, youtube, some content writing and SEO(basic) work.

    So there must be something which I am not doing right when it comes to affiliate marketing.

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    You could start here and also look at the other sub forums:

    Newbie FAQs & Helpful Articles - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum
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    Geno have a pretty good book out. Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day (9780470651735): Evgenii Prussakov, Bryan Eisenberg: Books

    ...and lots of people endorsed it
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    One of my favorites is always stuff from James Martell. I like the fact that he always stays current, which is so critical in our industry. I know he has a bunch of stuff on Spreaker.

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    Just been reading through this thread as a newbie myself, and want to say thanks to Eric.

    Found that book you mentioned on Amazon - has excellent reviews so ordered myself a copy for some bedtime reading over the next week or two.
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    Once you spend a few weeks reading all the basics then work out how to do everything opposite to how you are taught, make your own way of doing things but follow some basic guidelines.
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