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    Redirect subpages to salespage!
    Hey guys!
    I have a question regarding back pages or subpages in your WordPress blog.
    Bare in mind that this is my first ever project, got in contact with affiliate marketing 1 month ago, so if Iím thinking wrong about this please let me know!

    Okey so I have created a WordPress blog with 5 pages all targeting a specific keyword/keyphrase. All these pages have Seooptimized articleís on them.
    So when a person searches for one of the specific keywordís and find my subpage relented to that in google, I donít want them to get to that separate page, I want them to get immediately to my opti-in / video / sales page/ instead of the subpage.

    The material on the subpage has a good content and are relevant to what they want to know, but isn't it better to take them directly to my sales page so I donít lose any possible customers along they way if you understand what I mean ??

    So my question is this: Can you redirect all your subpages so that they all show up in google for their keywords but when you enter them you donít go to that page, instead you will get directly to the sales page ??

    All help will be most appreciated!

    Thank you

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    Ask yourself this question and perhaps it will help you out.

    What good are back pages or subpages if they can not stand on their own? Make these pages with a good call to action to visit your sales page.

    I wouldn't think Google would be happy with your redirecting traffic that way. I'll let someone with more knowledge on the subject answer that one.

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