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Thread: Have your Say at the 2013 Performance Marketing Awards

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    Have your Say at the 2013 Performance Marketing Awards
    Voting has officially commenced for the 2013 Performance Marketing Awards and we know that the network beauty parade will no doubt be in full flow. For Affiliate Window this isn’t about the last 12 months but everything we’ve done and will continue to do to make the performance channel better. Yes, performance marketing is by no means perfect but rather than be seen as the best of a bad bunch we really do try to forge a new path so that others may hopefully follow and overall the industry improves.

    Don’t vote for us just because you’ve received this; vote for us if you think we’re trying to be a better partner to our publishers. Don’t vote for us because you think we’re the biggest; vote for us because you know we still consider that actions are louder than words.

    Again in 2012, we took further steps to introduce new products, to improve our service levels and to ensure that publishers are rightly receiving commissions for the sales they generate. Naturally this has a positive effect on the network too, but we reinvest a huge amount into pushing the boundaries even further. If you know us well you won’t have to read any further, however if you would like a recap of our progress to date, please read on.

    Leading the way in Mobile
    Affiliate Window is the only network to have offered open communication between our advertisers and publishers on mobile development. In addition to providing updates on our tracking solutions, we have also offered monthly updates through the Affiliate Window Mobile Tracker Report, two white papers on mobile marketing in the channel, and we openly showcase network wide performance data, demonstrated with the infographic in July 2012. Currently, 95% of all of our advertisers track mobile sales and publishers can now see their own performance in relation to m-commerce activity within the report section of their account.

    A Dedicated Compliance Department
    Following on from our strong ethical position, Affiliate Window expanded its Compliance team whose sole remit is to protect the earnings of our publishers by ensuring that rogue/fraudulent activity does not take place on the network. This year, we launched the Affiliate Window Compliance Blog to help keep our clients up to speed with the latest developments in this area and to ensure they feel knowledgeable and comfortable with any issues that arise.

    Real-Time Support
    Affiliate Window has an on-site dedicated support team of 11, who helped solve over 200,000 queries for publishers last year, while also launching real time support through live chat to enable even faster solutions to those time precious problems.

    Vertical Specialists (UK)
    Two years ago, we introduced our dedicated vertical specialists within the Publisher Services team whose key objectives were to guide advertisers within the fashion, travel, consumer electronics and gifting sectors to grow and expand the range of partners they work with, particularly with long-tail and content led sites. Our quarterly sector events including Fashion Focus, All Aboard, Unwrapped and C0NN3CT giving our publishers the opportunity to meet with relevant brands face to face.

    Industry Consultants
    We acknowledge that networks can wield more influence on behalf of publishers and whilst we don’t aim to be the most vocal network on the A4u forum, this is often the case with contentious or complex issues. Representing the channel in an educated and informative way through sites like A4u, Econsultancy and Internet Retailer drives clarity, engagement and hopefully understanding.

    Cash Flow Visibility
    Affiliate Window also tries to provide full transparency on how our advertisers pay, helping publishers to make educated decisions on which brands to partner with. We’ve also implemented the ‘traffic light system’ which helps publishers understand exactly how/when they can expect payments. We do want to make this simpler but at present it’s the added transparency we wanted to create and share.

    Faster Payments (UK)
    Each month Affiliate Window pays out approximately 5m in commission ahead of being paid by our advertisers.

    Have your say before April 7th!

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