B2B Payment Processing

Program Overview: offers low rate, low overhead, full support credit card processing services for retail / brick and mortar businesses or for online / phone based businesses.

Program Features:

  • Sign-up Commission Base: $60 per sign-up

  • Network: Commission Junction

  • Cookie: 120 days

  • PPC and Linking Policy: No Restrictions!!

Special Offer for AbestWeb Member:

When you sign-up, let me know you saw this on AbestWeb and I'll push out an offer immediately to you for **$70 per signup**! Get some links up and push traffic to us within 30 days, and I'll make that $70 sign-up base lifetime permanent.

Merchant Features and Benefits:

  • Rates: Low as 1.1% for payment processing

  • Service: Options for retail based (card swipe machine), internet phone based (phone/internet gateway) and single in-person based (smart phone swiper).

  • Set-up fees: None! No application or start-up fees (most competitors charge these).

  • Clearing: 24 hour deposits available.

  • Support: 24/7 (hand in hand) phone support available.

For affiliates sending high double digit monthly sign-ups, we can even discuss lifetime residual revenue share for the accounts you send us!

Restrictions: This program is available only to affiliate with US traffic. is not able to service any merchant/customers outside of the U.S. Keep in mind, international affiliates are welcome, just as long as the traffic you send is U.S. based.

More info here: Online Credit Card Payment Processing For Business - Affiliate Program

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