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Thread: Why prosperent?

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    Why prosperent?
    This is a question that every new affiliate has for us. Why use Prosperent? What do you guys do that I can't do on my own? Great questions, let's cover them.

    1) We're here for you - It's a simple concept, but how many affiliate networks answer your questions and guide you in the quest to make money? We were affiliates ourselves for 10+ years and I don't recall ever hearing from someone at a network unless it was to tell us they had a problem with something we were doing. Prosperent is always here to answer questions, offer guidance, and make sure you have everything you need to make a living online.

    2) Traffic optimization - This is a new concept that you aren't going to find anywhere else. Whether you use our Performance ads, or setup a site with our api, our algorithm's are always making sure every click you send us goes to the HIGHEST PAYING and HIGHEST CONVERTING merchant at that moment. If an advertiser goes offline, we reroute traffic to the next best converting competitor. No other networks do this. Imagine as an affiliate that you spend weeks or months setting up a site that promotes ACME Shoes only to find that they change their commissions. You are left scrambling to find a replacement or worse yet, you are out of business. Not with Prosperent! We reroute your traffic and make you money!

    3) Size - Prosperent has over 8,000 sub affiliates using our various tools. We serve up over 1.6 BILLION requests per month! Because of our high volume, we work with the best Merchants and negotiate the highest commissions out there. Yes, we take a percentage of each commission (30% by default) instead of charging you a monthly fee, but because of our size, we more than make up for that with higher commission rates. Work with Nordstrom direct and you can expect a 2% commission rate and a 12 hour cookie. Work with Nordstrom through Prosperent and you get a 10%-20% commssion rate and a 7 day cookie.

    4) Automatic access to top merchants - We get this one all the time. How are you different from popshops and the other datafeed providers? With them, you get access to merchant datafeeds, but you have to manage the relationships and make sure you are approved by each merchant you work with. With Prosperent, you sign up, and once approved have access to all 3,000+ merchants we work with. That brings us to our next point!

    5) We manage the relationships - How many hours have you spent applying to merchants, managing your relationships and accounts at each affiliate network, only to find yourself getting declined because you aren't a big affiliate, or don't have enough traffic? We handle all of that. You focus on driving traffic and growing your business. Let us handle the relationships.

    6) Clean data - Have you ever worked with a merchant datafeed? If so, you know they are a nightmare. Bad data, html in the descriptions, and broken images. Speaking of images, we resize, images so you have a unified look and feel on your site. We also serve them from our global Content Delivery Network which means the images on your site load lightning fast at all times.

    7) Big Data - I know, it's the buzzword of the moment, but in this case, it really does help you. We have mountains of conversion data. We know which merchants are converting, the brands that are hot, and the products that sell at various times throughout the year. We crunch all of this data and give you access to it all. Show trending products on your sites through our trends api, or just rely on our advanced algorithm's to automatically get your visitors to the highest converting site at that moment. Either way, our data helps you earn more.

    8) Tools - We cover everything from the novice to the full on expert affiliate marketer, and we make it all easy. Our Performance Ads monetize any web site by displaying affiliate ads that are contextually relevant to your visitors and their interests. Maybe you run a vBulletin forum or a Wordpress blog? We have you covered there by providing easy to use plugins that give you everything from a product search engine to automatic product comparisons in your posts. Know some basic programming? Great, you are qualified to use our advanced API. Access product data, trends, even celebrity products.

    9) Limitless and fast! - Tired of api limits? We have the infrastructure to make that a thing of the past. We handle over 1.6 billion requests per month with no signs of slowing down. Fire off a request to our api, search tens of millions of products, and get back results within a few milliseconds. No matter your needs, we have the scale to handle it!

    10) Join for free! - All of our competitors charge you a monthly fee to access their data and tools. We don't! Plain and simple, if you don't make money, we don't make money. That puts the pressure on us to make sure we provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed. We have been at this long enough to know that affiliates just starting out take several months to earn a steady income. Why get in the way of your progress by charging you money you don't have?

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