There are quite a few people that run vBulletin forums that are product centered and ripe for monetization. We have created a suite of plugins that help you do just that.

Auto Linker - This feature allows you to automatically link words or phrases in forum posts to product search results, or directly to a retailers site. Easily, and automatically monetize your content. You can see it in action here: Vbulletin Auto Linker demo

Auto Compare- Here we give you the power to add product price comparisons directly to your forum posts. You control who has access to this feature by setting usergroup level access controls. From there, it's as simple as clicking a button and entering a product name. It's a great way to let your forum users post the products they are already discussing in a thread, and you make money from the sales! Check out what this looks like here: vBulletin inline Product Comparisons

Performance Ad integration - Our Performance Ads display products and coupons that relate to your content. We're also the only ads that scale dynamically in size to fit the width of your forum. They look great on your site, and earn you some money in the process!

Integrated product search engine - Activate our plugin and you instantly have a full featured product search engine with access to nearly 50 million products from over 2,000 of the top online retailers. Brands like Nordstrom, Zappos, REI, you name it, we probably have it. The search engine automatically styles itself to match your site, and anything sold earns you a commission. Check out a live demo here: High Altitude Imports - Product Search

By now you probably want to get your hands on this plugin, so download and install it here: Prosperent Suite: Monetize your forum with the help of Prosperent - Forum