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    At what point do you ban an IP?
    Posting this in Suspicious Activity as it relates to my own site..

    IP from Turkey has viewed 200+ pages on my site over 3 days, and has clicked through to merchants 300+ times (various products). It doesn't appear to be a bot as the intervals are random within 1-3 minutes (consistent with a real person), and the OS & Browser are legit. However, today they have been 'browsing' for 6 hours straight.

    I'm getting antsy that it's too spammy.. should I ban the IP? It last appeared in Project Honeypot 3+ years ago, and isn't listed in any spam database.

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    jacked by sylon
    Do you get any sales from Turkey?? If you don't then ban the whole country.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teezone View Post
    All I need to see...
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    Now banned.. I'm so naive sometimes...

    I remember my first Joomla site, being so excited to see a direct visitor from Brazil browse every article (5).. a few hours later, my site was hacked.

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    teezone - I've found that most of the time I see my click throughs inflated for merchants, it ends up being from a foreign bot/spider that doesn't handle affiliate links very well. It's like they get hung up on the links and just sits there creating click throughs. I watch closely now and ban the country with the offenders. Usually, 99% of the time it's from countries I don't get sales from anyway and they just eats up bandwidth.

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