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    Arrow FTC Updates Online Ad Guidelines (Article)
    FTC Updates Online Ad Guidelines for a High-Tech Mobile World
    FTC Updates Online Ad Guidelines for a High-Tech Mobile World

    The new guidelines emphasize that consumer protection laws apply equally across media, whether a radio ad, television commercial or a tweet; that when practical, advertisers should incorporate relevant qualifying information, rather than having a separate disclosure; that disclosures should be clear and conspicuous; and that if a disclosure can't be made effectively, then an advertiser should go in search of a Plan B.
    FTC Updates Online Ad Guidelines for a High-Tech Mobile World
    Official FTC Guidelines:
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    Some of this is going to be pretty shocking to bloggers. In particular the part about not being able to disclose at the bottom of the post anymore because I think that is what most of us do. I just did a quick write up on it to try to make sense of it all!

    Affiliates Take Note: New FTC Disclosure Guidelines
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    Hm. I get where they are coming from and all- that most consumers don't read the entire page- but I feel like that's the responsibility of the consumer!
    Also, they're saying that "most consumers won't realize what #spon means" but I think people would catch onto it quick. I mean, most people didn't understand what a hashtag was at all when twitter was starting out. I still know some people that don't really get hashtags. Now they're so widely used that Facebook is considering allowing the hashtag-search function. #spon would be way easier and fit with the feel of Twitter much better than the awkwardly worded example given.

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    The first page of the FTC ruling says: "Deception is unlawful no matter what the medium."

    So, if a quarterback intends to throw the ball to Bill, but looks at Bob to throw off the defense; then the quarterback is breaking the law. If the defense is planning on blitzing but acts like they are preparing for pass defense; then they are breaking the law.

    If a basketball player is hoping to throw the ball at the hoop but fakes right, the basketball player is breaking the law.

    If deception is illegal in all medium, then the trompe l'oeil pictures by MC Escher must all be illegal. The pictures were all designed to trick the eye.

    If deception is illegal, then those silly little bugs that evolved to look like twigs so they can catch prey are breaking the law.

    When regulators start with absurd premises, their ruling quickly fall into absurdity.

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