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    migrating from shared hosting to vps
    Hey guys;

    I just wanted to take the time to warn people switching from shared hosting to vps hosting about an issue I encountered yesterday. I was in the process of moving 6-8 sites ( was a first for me changing A records, nameservers etc). After I moved each site and changed the A records and nameservers I would use sites like pingdom and load test sites to ensure the sites were loading in other countries and wanted to check the load times as every minute the sites are down it is a possible commission.

    At any rate I noticed a few hours later in some affiliate networks an influx of clicks which had me stumped briefly (as I had paused traffic until the sites were propegating properly again) until I realized that some of these pingdom / site load test sites were actually loading images and links from the sites which were triggering clicks to the affiliate links. My guess is they load from all different areas in the world so it can result in lots of clicks if you use them enough.

    Just figured I would let others know as I know the next time I move a site I will only be checking on my own and not using these sites. Not sure exactly what site in particular it was as I was,, and a few others.

    Anyone have any experience with this?

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    To check propagation status we use the following website:

    Traceroute, Ping, Domain Name Server (DNS) Lookup, WHOIS

    Most propagation these days takes only a few hours so there is no need to check different regions of the world.

    Just make sure when transferring hosting, that you leave your old hosting account active for a few days before terminating it...
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    Thanks! Yeah the support guy quoted 24-48 hours but that is likely a time frame so people do not keep calling them I would imagine. My sites were pretty much live instantly after switching the A records and nameservers in Canada and Usa from what I could tell. Yes, I did exactly that, left the sites, databases and even copied the old nameservers and A record in case I couldn't figure out how to move them properly!

    Kinda hard to promote affiliate offers with an 8 second load time so it was worth all the headache of moving them all.

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