Sometimes as affiliates we want a specific product to show up in an ad, or a specific niche. By default, our Performance ads analyze your content to determine which products should be displayed, but this isn't always ideal for every situation.

First, look at using our api if you can, if you have a wordpress blog or a vBulletin forum, our plugins are your best bet. Otherwise, you can do the following to override our content analyzer and display a specific product or category of product:

PHP Code:
prosperent_pa_fallback_query 'soccer cleats';
prosperent_pa_fallback_query_is_default 1
The above code is simply pasted into your ad code that our performance ad tab generates. The fallback query is the product or niche you would like to display, and the second line tells our ads to use this query by default instead of analyzing content. From here, you can fine tune the query for each of your pages and display exactly what you want to each visitor