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    Dear Pacific Sunwear Affiliate Program Publisher,

    You are receiving this message because Pacific Sunwear Affiliate Program in the Commission Junction network has changed its commission rates.

    These changes will go into effect on 3/3/03.

    They are going down to %5...not good..

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    Thanks for mentioning this. I have been an affiliate of Pac Sun for some time now (years) but I never really paid to much attention to them.... Lately (last year or so) it has seemed that almost every transaction has been reversed.

    I say "thanks" because I am just now realizing that my relationship with them is not paying off, to say the least.

    It seems to me that they are probably headed down the road .. most of the thousands of merchants that I have advertised for will show this kind of behavior when they are near the end of their internet advertising days (at least in the arena of affiliate advertizing).

    The reason I am even writing this is because I am getting very tired of giving away 'free' advertising to these well known companies. It's the same old story. They make a public offer for affiliates to take advantage of, we promote the hell out of them, they make a profit, we take the advertising loss as they reverse all their sales and then pull out of the online market... etc. I find it very shameful.

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