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Five For Friday ? March 11-15, 2013

Here are five of this week’s most interesting and informative news items and articles about online marketing:

1.* It Worked! How I Got A Google Link Penalty Lifted — Another example of what you may need to do to clean up your linking efforts to get on the right side of Google, but also a good look at what you should do to avoid even being dinged in the first place.

2.* Oh, How Pinteresting: Introducing Pinterest Web Analytics — The Pinterest blog serves up an announcement of the debut of analytics showing repins, visitors, impressions, clicks, etc. becoming available for Pinterest.

3.* Excellent Analytics Tip #22: Calculate Return on Analytics Investement — Avinash is at it again, this time with a detailed look at how you can discover the ROI of analytics and see how much/little you are reaping from time spent analyzing website data and implementing changes as a result of doing so.

4.* RSS the SEO’s Worst Nightmare! – In the light of the news that BBC has received a link penalty notification from Google, Dave Naylor looks at the connection with syndication.

5.* How Not to Run a PPC Campaign, Inspired by eBay’s AdWords Fail – When eBay decided to experiment with dropping paid search, they concluded they didn’t need it. But Search Engine Journal reminds us that a refresher course in getting the most out of AdWords might be all they really needed.

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