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    Happy 1 Year Anniversary Fright Catalog
    OFFLINE on SAS for an entire year without getting your account closed.


    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Convergence View Post
    OFFLINE on SAS for an entire year without getting your account closed.


    Why you ask?

    Because SAS does a PI$$ poor job dealing with the merchants they have on their network, it is not uncommon to find merchants offline for 30+ days at SAS. As far as I concern SAS should suspend their account after 3 days being offline and charge them a $500+ just to get re-listed on their network.

    That would make some of these so called merchants think twice!!!

    SAS really needs to get this offline business addressed on their network. But as they already stated so many times before they do not care about this issue.
    MERCHANTS: Start showing your coupons directly on your site, that way your shoppers will stop leaving your site looking for them!! If not then remove your Coupon Box!!

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    I don't believe I ever stated that I don't care about the issue.

    We disagree with the best way to handle it - and I understand your wish that we would charge people $500 if they were offline but I do not believe that it would work in our business.

    We try to give the most information possible with regards to potential Merchant partners for you - and certainly at any point during the last year you could remove yourself from that program (if you are a part of it, you may not be I understand) and never ever join them again.

    There are some things that we believe in automating, and some things that we believe are better left as decisions made by individuals. Certainly, a year is a long time and I'll take a look at this Merchant more closely today due to it coming up to see if it is something we should take further action on - but again ... at any time you are welcome to simply delete them from your account if you feel that is the appropriate action as well.

    Thanks as always for the discussion - I certainly understand your point of view.

    Brian Littleton
    President/CEO -, Inc.

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