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    What should a merchant have upon launch?
    Hi all,

    I work with a major online travel agency, and we may be launching an affiliate program with CJ in the coming weeks.

    I want to ensure we hit the ground running, and make it as effective as possible for you all.

    So with that in mind, what would you say are things that we should have ready for affiliates upon launch?


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    Welcome to ABW! I'm going to answer from a management POV, and I'm sure affiliates will chime in with elements I may have missed.

    1) Proven ad banners: 88x31 button with your logo, 468x60, 120x240, 125x125, 320x240, 120x600, 160x600. Offer both static and dynamic ad banners. Static banners may feature a destination; dynamic will feature, at any given time, whatever marketing initiative you're promoting.
    2) Welcome letter with action items and contact information. You should include links to code within the welcome letter, and perhaps some copy/content that the affiliate can adapt for their site.
    3) Have a six-month calendar that outlines your recruiting and activation strategy. Every month, you should have a recruiting focus, a promotion focus and a newsletter topic.
    4) Travel site means your inventory changes like nuts, right? Have an API available for affiliates to tap into, and preferably a tool by which they can easily harness the API. Solid API integrations include Groupon's affiliate widget (I used to run that program and we had an incredible team of folks focused on affiliate marketing) and BestBuy Remix. The challenge with changing inventory means you need to create tools that make it easy for affiliates to drive relevant traffic
    5) Do your research. Know who your competitors are, and know what their affiliate program structure is. It's a straight-out-of-the-text-book task, but put together a competitive matrix that includes commission rate, return days, SWOT, etc.

    I used to manage the Orbitz affiliate program as well, travel is an incredibly fun vertical to work with!

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    Thanks for the fantastic reply and warm welcome.

    I will make sure I action all of those items.

    Have a great day.

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    A datafeed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prosperent View Post
    A datafeed!
    The world's BEST datafeed!
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    Consider a sales contest to jump-start recruitment. Ask the network for what proportional opportunities are available to you. You can also do a paid announcement here that will get you some additional exposure.

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    Carolyn, Thanks for posting this wonderful list! New to the forum and looking forward to contributing and learning.

    What is the most time-effective way to research competitors and what their affiliate program structure is, can you recommend any software that will crawl their sites, etc (ie.

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