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    Yoast SEO and Jetpack not playing nice
    Just wanted to share a problem that I was having and eventually fixed. I've used Yoast SEO and Jetpack (WP) for my blog for quite some time with no problems whatsoever. They both have their advantages. The other day I visited a website that walked through optimizing Yoast. The next day I clicked on one of the share links below a post and rather than taking me to the social media site it just reloaded my blog in a new window. I was perplexed. I started thinking what I had changed in the prior 24 hours and updates I performed to isolate the problem. The only thing that would work was if I changed the icons to "official buttons" - which would be OK but when a user clicks on the icon it "likes" on FB rather than sharing it. I Googled the problem, which usually works, but I was getting all kinds of tips that weren't working. I spent hours. Finally I disabled each plugin I had one by one until... it worked again. It was Yoast. Upon more searching and more wild goose chases messing with my CSS and tinkering with the editor nothing was working. Finally I enabled Yoast and went through each setting individually to test it. When I came upon the permalinks section I noticed that I checked a box labeled "Redirect ugly URL's to clean permalinks. (Not recommended in many cases!)". Not recommended in many cases... arghhhh. Unchecked and everything worked fine. I should have known and I was warned. Hopefully this will help someone and save them the headache.

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