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    Aiming for US/Canadian visitors only
    Happy Easter all

    My .com site is on the 2nd page for my keyword phrases and in an attempt to get tothe 1st page, I'm trying to get my bounce rate down.

    Having analysed my bounce rates it looks like the vast majority of visitors from India, Phillipines, Thailand and other non US traffic (accounting for over 60% of my visitors) have a very high bounce rate - most are around 100% with zero time spent on the site (US visitors have a bounce rate of just under 50%). So I'm keen to for google not to show my site to people in those countries.

    I've set my targetting country to US in Webmaster Tools, but there is nothing on my webpages that mentions US, so that is something I could do, but I'm not sure if that will help.

    I don't really want to go down the route of blocking IPs from those countries, as I've read that this can cause the page load times to slow down quite a lot.

    Does anyone have experience of this, or any thoughts/suggestions on how I might get my non US visitors down or google to not display my site in non us searches?

    Many thanks
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    Edited to add:

    Now I know why I get so many visitors from India - I'm on page 1 when I search on my keyword phrase on! I thought setting my geographic target in Webmaster would prevent that.

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    If you're talking Adwords then you can easily set the countries you want to target . If you're talking organic google SEO then personally I have never blocked any country. I can see why you might do that for your bounce rate, but personally I'd rather have the traffic lol.

    Happy Easter to you too

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    It might seem easier to lower your bounce rate by excluding certain traffic locations but I doubt it would help much. The bounce rate of visitors from India is likely a poor quality signal for Google when determining the quality of your site for US/Canada users.

    If you want to rank better in US and Canada, improve your user experience for your target market.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys :-) I guess I'll just have to hope that google will eventually lower my ranking for google india. Never thought I would see the day when I was hoping to go down in google rankings!

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    Commenting and social bookmarking on US websites can boost up your US traffic and it is a try tested method

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    With respect to the OP, this thread is being closed for attracting spam.

    Google WMT allows you to target countries, or do a search for Geo-Targeting. This is not an affiliate marketing question.

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