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Are You Overwhelmed By Your SEO Responsibilities?

SEO is a necessary component of a marketing strategy today.* People are searching for the products or services that you have in the search engines, which means that you need to improve upon your search engine presence.* Businesses have options when it comes to how SEO will be executed.* A large corporation typically has the resources to get it done in house by hiring an SEO Specialist but smaller companies simply canít afford the extra salary.* Hiring an SEO firm is an alternative option, but in order to really get the most out of that investment the website should already be a few years old.* For small businesses that are just getting their online activity going, SEO is typically done in house by the existing marketing team.* Since the marketing team already has additional responsibilities on their plate, itís important to do everything possible to avoid procrastinating when it comes to SEO.* Doing some SEO work is better than doing none at all.

Here are three ways to make SEO activities less overwhelming:

1.* Keep things organized

The best way to keep things on track is to be as organized and efficient as possible.* Link building is an important component of SEO since links help to convey trust to the search engines.* Start slow and then build upon link building activities each month so that it appears to be a natural progression.* Outline a 6 or 12 month link building strategy.* It may look overwhelming at the start of each month, but think of it more as a few links a day as opposed to 40 or 50 throughout the month.* By setting aside a certain amount of time each day you can focus on a different activity each time.* For example, a few blog comments can be done one day, a guest post can be written on another day, and a local/industry profile can be created another day.

2.* Commit to content writing

When you are outlining SEO activities for the month, be sure to budget time for content writing.* Fresh content is an essential part of an SEO program.* It gets crawled and indexed and improves your social signals.* To get more visitors to the site, set up a blog and keep it active.* To start, focus on posting one new article a week.* Content writing isnít easy, so time needs to be set aside to ensure the quality of the posts.* Itís when thereís ďno timeĒ that content writing becomes even more difficult and avoided at all costs.* Create an editorial calendar to help keep things on track.

3.* Use social media tools

Social media shouldnít be kept in a marketing silo.* A social strategy should be integrated with an SEO strategy since social signals are now a part of the search engine ranking algorithms.* Sharing content in social media is essential, but sometimes it can be a daunting task depending on how many social accounts or followers you have.* Social media tools like HootSuite can lighten the load.* For example, HootSuite allows you to schedule social media posts ahead of time so if you want a blog post to be promoted three days a week, you can do it all at one time as opposed to signing in to each account separately on three different days.


Try these three tips as a first step toward getting a handle on managing the responsibility for SEO that you have been given. In many smaller businesses, SEO responsibilities are handed to the person who runs the website itself or an individual in marketing, whether or not they have a background or training in SEO. If you are in such a position, you may feel as if you will never be able to keep up with all the changes in the industry and integrate all the available knowledge. Taking baby steps to begin with will help you gain confidence as time progresses. So, start by keeping organized with your initial SEO initiatives, concentrating on providing great content, and maximizing efficiency with social media efforts and soon you’ll be able to spend more time on the more detailed and complex SEO issues and concerns.

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