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    Closed merchants show up in product search

    I used the make a page, product function tool to find products to feature. Gemologica appeared, autojoin, status all looked ok so I promoted their products.
    Now I got a reversal,for transaction id [25120587]

    Reason, VOIDED Non qualified lead Sale - None

    I tried to contact the merchant, to find it closed in 2011.

    Do products from closed programs don't appear in the make your page or basket product search functions?

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    Not sure I understand what you are saying. Are you saying that you used the "Make a Page" tool or you searched for a product by using the "Search for a Merchant" tool but checked "products" instead of the merchants to search for products?

    Is the case with me at least if you're using the "Make a Page" you either have to choose a basket that you've made or choose a merchant. If I choose a merchant like Gemologica it won't let me continue on. I get a message about not being in the program (altho it should say program no longer exists)

    If you did use the "Make a Page" for Gemologica and were able to get links something is definitely wrong I think just for your account to be able to do so. Can't speak for others but know that it won't let me get any links for it.

    If you're saying you used the "Search for Merchant" then did what I said in my first paragraph......ummmmm Ooooh hope that isn't possible or would think that's a really big problem for a whole lot of us. Definitely hope no links for products from any merchants who no longer have programs are able to show up in any searches that any of us are able to get. Really doubt that would be happening.

    Anyway, I was in the Gemologica program before it ended and am not able to get any links from using "Make a Page" so think if you are able to do so would be a problem just with your account somehow.

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