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    March 28th, 2013
    Pricing Layout
    I have read several articles stating that restaurants have had great success with altering the layout of their menu with regards to pricing. Many of them have either removed the dollar sign and or decimals from their menu and have seen dramatic increases in customer spending. The only caveat is that i haven't seen this done in any other industry so I am not sure how successful this will be outside the restaurant business.

    Has anyone had any experience with doing this with a website of any kind? I am debating whether or not to try it with my new ecommerce project.

    Please share your thoughts on this.

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    March 30th, 2013
    I own a restaurant in Minneapolis and we have never shown decimals, dollar signs, cents. The restaurant is one of the most expensive in the city, and as far as I know it's standard for high end price points to print pricing this way on their menus.

    In regards to web pricing - Our newest products are .95 ending, but in the past we seem to have found success doing odd cent amounts like .63, etc. There is a theory that people will cancel less, refund less, cb less on those non-standard amounts, but I'm not sure if there is actual proof of that.

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