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    Should I exclude this affiliate from my program
    Hi All,

    My company has an affiliate program on GAN, last day, I found one affiliate drove a large amount of clicks to us, but no sales. I can't find any traffic source record. The content of his site is not relevant to us, I approved him since his site has a qualified design and functionality, maybe he just didn't list all his sites.

    should I exclude this affiliate from my program ? We pay our affiliates on CPS basis, I know there is no cost for these clicks, but is it a sign for parasite ?

    Thanks in advance !

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    Send the affiliate a email and ask him how he is sending you traffic and where you can find your links on his site(s) most affiliates have many sites and they are not always listed on most networks. If you do not get a reply/answer in 7 days then remove them.
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    If he/she was a parasite I think there would be sales. Just send an email and also a follow up email in case they missed it. You don't want to punish someone just for sending you traffic

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    if it is a huge bump for one day then perhaps your affiliate has been the victim of click bombing by a bot on a tear - you can check your own reports and you may find 1 ip is responsible - don't penalize your affiliate before you at least check that possibility out - a number of us have been the victims of this type of thing. If that is the case you can contact the affiliate and ask him to block that ip.

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    If the first thing that you thought of is to boot the affiliate then I am afraid you haven't done your homework, no offense.
    Did you chk the ip address from where the clicks originated.
    Did you check the user agent. Can you tie the above two to a bad bot.
    Do you have a datafeed. Did the affiliate not include the nofollow tag. Without it good bots will also generate clicks.

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    Shimmy, you'd be surprised on the guys who are using contextual PPV - the easiest way to find them is the ridiculous click count and horrid conversion rate.

    Sounds like they are cookie stuffing though.
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