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    Affiliate Price Comparison WP Plugin
    I'm looking for a free/commercial price comparison plugin for WordPress. I found CompariPress, and while it seems to be exactly what I'm after, I don't think its been updated in quite a while.

    I'm more than willing to pay for a quality commercial plugin, I just haven't been able to locate one.

    Thanks All!

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    I do not personally know of one.

    What I do know is that lot of good intentioned e-commerce scripts and plugins fail to live up to expectations. Many fall by the wayside .....developer looses interest for what ever reason.

    Point carefull with e-commerce plugins.
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    Hi Witzer,

    Agreed & thank you for the response.

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    Our free wordpress plugin may do what you are looking for, and if it doesn't, let us know and we will add new features. Wordpress Auto Compare Example

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    I bought Comparipress for out of print Numismatic books. It was worthless to me because it will not pull any used items from Amazon which is how most of them are found. Big waste of money with no joy through support or their forum.

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    I have used pricetapestry with great success in the past - they now have a wordpress edition which works well

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