Hello, ABW Friends!

AAAGarageRepair.com's Pay-Per-Call program offers affiliates $8 per call for people needing garage repair in the following areas:

Arizona: Tempe (100 mi. radius), Tucson (50 mi. radius)
California: Van Nuys (60 mi. radius)
Colorado: Aurora (35 mi. radius)
Florida: Sunrise (45 mi. radius)
Iowa: Des Moines (60 mi. radius)
Maryland: Millersville (60 mi. radius)
Michigan: Bloomfield Hills (60 mi. radius)
Nebraska: Omaha (40 mi. radius)
Nevada: Reno (40 mi. radius)
New Jersey: Tenafly (60 mi. radius)
New York: Averill Park (40 mi. radius)
North Carolina: Zebulan (40 mi. radius)
Oklahoma: Bluejacket (50 mi. radius)
Pennsylvania: Baden (50 mi. radius)
Tennessee: Nashville (35 mi. radius)
Washington: Yelm (60 mi. radius)

Those in need of garage repair often search for service providers in their town or city, which may not be a town or city listed above, but may be in the radius of a town or city listed above. For example, Sparks, NV is just outside of Reno, NV, and those in need of garage repair would likely search for "Sparks garage repair" which is in 40 mile radius of the AAAGarageRepair service area.

Those affiliates participating in the AAAGarageRepair Pay-Per-Call campaign are encouraged in their efforts to geo-target the towns and cities in the list above and also to geo-target the towns and cities within the radiuses listed above ( - "radiuses" for modern English; but "radii" for those with a Latin preference!).

And if you would like assistance with geo-targeting or any aspect of this Pay-Per-Call campaign, please do not hesitate to contact AAAGarageRepair Affiliate Relations Manager Aman Kalsi by phone at (682) 478-5882 or by email at A1@AffiliateManager.com.

Please replace "USERID" with your ShareASale tracking ID in the text and 3 banner links below; then copy and paste the links onto your website, and onto all of your social media outlets, for driving traffic to AAAGarageRepair.

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Link: <a href="http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=477700&u=UserID&m=45133&urllink=&afftrack=">#1 in the Garage Door Service industry - AAAGarageRepair - FIND A LOCATION!</a>

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Thank you!