Dear Publishers,

As many of you already know, AffiliRed is actually managing 2 different programs in Commission Junction:

1.- Riu Hotels & Resorts Program, which has been live for a few years.
2.- Top International Hotel Chains by AffiliRed Program, live in Commission Junction since June 2012, where over 60 hotel chains were promoted under one account and under different commission categories.

It is with regret that we must announce the removal of the Top International Hotel Chains by AffiliRed account with immediate effect.

Please keep in mind that CJ Riu Hotels & Resort ProgramWILL NOT be removed and we encourage you keep promoting this great program as well as you have been doing up to now.

Commissions will be paid to those of you who have been promoting and making sales via Top International Hotel Chains by AffiliRed. We will contact you in short to sort everything with you.

We want to acknowledge all our publishers partners and thank you for the promotion.

If you have any questions regarding the closure of the Top International Hotel Chains by AffiliRed, please either post them in this forum thread or contact Susana Carbajales.