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    Facebook Sponsored Posts need to go!
    So daily I am getting game ads in my News feed from sponsored ads. How do I get rid of these? If I click on it I get a pop-up for the App Store as this is on my iPad. Anyone know how to kill these?

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    sometimes, on the PC version there is a hidden "X", or down arrow where you can hide or block an ad or even report it as spam, it appears when you mouse over the upper right corner of the invisible box it is displayed in,

    I've also found that if you view it in the app center you can click on "block" and the more you do this the less crap it shows..

    For a few weeks I blocked every game that showed up in the suggested panels.. (upper right on the feed screens) I have not had any game crap from anybody in over a week.

    I have seen that other peoples new likes are showing up differently, almost like a banner ad but am not sure if this is the result of the new pay to display changes.
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    Not seeing them on my PC. Found this article:

    How do I stop annoying Ads coming from an iPad/iPhone app?

    1) Tap ‘Settings’ and look for ‘Notification’
    2) It will display all application with Notification ‘turned on’, then tap the application that is bugging you with Ads.
    3) Turn “OFF” Alerts, Badges and Sounds.

    If the problem persist, you may want to consider to delete it.

    How to delete application in iPad/iPhone?

    1) Tap the target app, hold and wait until it starts to wiggle.
    2) You’ll notice “X” button in the top right corner, which means you may tap it to delete.

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    I've been flagging most of the "suggested posts" as SPAM. Especially the ones involving politics.

    Did you know Failbook no longer allows advertisements or promoted posts for airsoft, paintball or BB guns and accessories? That includes fan pages about those topics that could lead to a website link selling these products.

    Good thing, because every time I see a BB gun accessory I want to run out and commit violence!!

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