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    Datafeedr / PopShops / Sellfire - Building an authority blog and store

    I am new here and stumbled upon this forum while researching on popshops and datafeedr related articles and stuff. I am a bit new and needed an outlet to discuss my plan and tools.

    I intend to create a blog that will cover news stores around a particular niche say mobile. So I will cover everything thats happening in the mobile world like news, how-to guides and stuff like that. Then I will be writing reviews, on this blog and use product and price comparison at the bottom of each review.

    I will create a separate store which will house all the products with price, product, reviews and coupons codes. Invite customer reviews and comments, ratings and votes using some plugins and scripts.

    The idea is to create a complete one stop shop kind of deal where you get news, reviews, comparisons, coupons, discussions and store.

    In short build an authority site over a period of few years that will stand the test of time and google and everything else in between.

    I have been trying to do research on various products and tools available for the job and so far like datafeedr, sellfire and popshops. If I missed something then pls let me know.

    Do you think this plan will work ? Things I should be aware of ? Tools that I should use right off the bat or add to my arsenal at a later stage ? Precautions I should take before embarking on this journey ?

    Sorry for long list but I need to make sure I am not missing anything. Just trying to be as much thorough as possible.

    I have started working on the blogging part and have been covering news from the niche I have selected for some time now. Now I am thinking of creating a store and start adding reviews and products so that it is ready before the holiday season.

    I would really like to thank you guys for the time and patience for listening to me. Really appreciated.


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    Another extremely useful set of affiliate and datafeed tools is prosperent. They have a forum here.

    Generate more fake news.

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    Don't forget Price Tapestry.

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    Are you going Wordpress or going to write the site from scratch? Its important to jump in and get your feet wet, plan on making mistakes and that's how you find solutions. Don't quit your day job until you have replaced your regular income for at least six months.

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    Thanks guys... I will look at price tapestry and prosperent tonight and make notes. I am currently preparing an excel sheet for noting down main differences... i keep forgetting and mixing various things otherwise.

    @Chuk I dont have a dayjob Actually I am a dropout. I left my C.A 2 years ago and have been blogging ever since. Full time. I just realized that its time to go for authority blogs and build bigger ones that can survive better and also have greater earning potentials.

    I will be working with wordpress. Not a coder or designer unfortunately. I hear it is easy to use popshops and sellfire for building stores and they both have wordpress plugins too. Datafeedr integrates directly though. I can follow instructions no problem so i am sure i can work with these frameworks.

    Right now i am just taking notes and comparing stuff so I dont have to regret after the store is already large enough for me to be a pain in the *** to shift elsewhere.

    What are you guys using ? Or are guys into something entirely different ?

    Thanks again for the support. Cheers to success.

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    One thing that differentiates Prosperent from the others is the fact that you don't have to have a relationship with any of the merchants. We handle that side of things, you just join and have instant access to thousands of merchants and their feeds . So, you can either integrate us into your site using datafeeds, or we also have wordpress plugins. If we don't have a feature that you are looking for, we can likely build it for you.

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