We are pleased to announce the program launch of Steals.com, exclusively on AvantLink!

STEALS.com offers women a first-class boutique experience with killer deals up to 80% off on quality brands, excellent customer service, and fast shipping. Comprised of four daily deal sites, each with two “steals” daily at 9am and 9pm MT, STEALS.com continues to razzle-dazzle customers by creating an entertaining platform of unique and rarely discounted "steals".

You can also promote an archive of past sales, so customers can fill up their carts with more than just the main deal. The following stores are included as part of this program launch! Click their names to visit the stores. Sign-up ASAP to take advantage of Birthday Week (see below) and be one of the first publishers EVER promoting these huge discounts!

BabySteals.com, ScrapbookSteals.com, KidSteals.com, SheSteals.com

Even better, please note the following for the Steals.com launch...
  • Activation Bonus: Be One Of The First 5 To Send $500 In Sales, Get $50 Cash Bonus!
  • Birthday Week: In addition to standard daily Steals (9am & 9pm mountain time), promote an additional “Surprise Steal” everyday!

Steals.com Affiliate program highlights include:
  • 3-5% Commission
  • 7-Day Cookie
  • Dedicated Program Support
  • Seasonal Incentives
  • Deal Of The Day Feed
  • Dynamic Banner Ads
  • Shipping Within 24 Hours
  • Discounts Up To 80% Off
  • Archive Of Products
  • Curated Sales
  • Over $42 Million In Sales Since 2008
  • Over 800 Premium Brand Partners

Interested in applying to AvantLink and this program? CLICK HERE.

Let us know what we can do to help you get started. Feel free to contact anyone at AvantLink or the Steals.com program manager Jordan Judd, steals@avantlink.com.

Announcement: Steals.com is live @AvantLink!