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    FYI: Cashback Sites Tell Readers to Clear Cookies
    I read Matt Swann's article from Lisa Chaikin's Cookieless Tracking post on the AFW board.

    Mentioned in his article:
    Another common misconception that is heard across the performance marketing channel is that cookie deletion is rife. While there will inevitably be some instances where cookies will be deleted, this is minimal. Some cashback sites for example will mention in their FAQs that their members should clear their cookies prior to purchasing to ensure their cashback tracks, but their estimation of the proportion of people that actually do this is minimal.
    (My emphasis.) Awhile back, I posted about a merchant who had text on their site telling readers to clear their cookies and reported it to the network. The text was removed.

    To ensure cashback tracking, some cashback sites tell readers to clear their cookies. I checked several, this is true, there's no point in listing them.

    Whether or not this is minimal isn't the issue. I was under the impression that to encourage readers to clear their cookies was against any network's TOS, but this seems to be true only for merchants, not affiliates. Or else, they make exceptions for certain affiliates.

    Just another fly in the ointment.
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