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Time For A Conference Update

It’s Spring! Flowers, bunny rabbits, the smell of freshly-cut grass, hikes in the woods, and search engine marketing events ….. oops. One of these things does not belong with the others — search marketing events, if only because they occur all year round. However, there are an abundance of events coming up in June and July for which discounts are soon expiring and/or spaces are being filled up. Here are some of the upcoming conferences that you might want to consider investigating to see if attending one or more would be a nice way to spend some time, mingle with the in crowd, and — oh yes — learn a thing or two

SES Conference & Expo — June 12-13 in Toronto, Canada

As they say, “SES is the leading global event series about search and social marketing. Focusing on tactics and best practices, SES events bring together thought leaders and industry experts—from private consultants to representatives from the search engines themselves—to provide YOU with the skills to succeed in online marketing.”

SMX Advanced — June 11-12 in Seattle, WA

Unfortunately, All Access passes for SMX Advanced are sold, but they are waitlisting if you really, really still want to go. Workshop and Networking passes are still available. Designed for those with experience in online marketing, SMX Advanced has keynotes by Matt Cutts of Google and Gurdeep Singh Pall of Microsoft this year.

Conversion Conference — June 11-13 in Chicago, IL

Of course you know this, but a reminder about why you need to focus on conversion from the folks bringing this conference series to you — “Conversion Rate Optimization is the art and science of converting more traffic into clicks, inquiries, and paying customers. And when done right, your sales, revenues and profits go up – even without increasing website traffic! Then, add more targeted traffic, and your results only multiply.” Tim Ash’s awesome Sitetuner’s team always put together an educational experience that is second to none.

MozCon — July 8-10 in Seattle, WA

As if anyone needs another excuse to visit Seattle, SEOmoz is holding their annual MozCon in early July. The speaker list is varied and impressive, and this is fast becoming one of the must-attend conferences. The agenda is still a work in progress, but the last two years were sold out early, so you might want to act now if you decide you wish to attend.

SearchExchange — July 29-31 in Charlotte, NC

It’s baaaaacccckkkkk. With sponsorship from Internet Marketing Ninjas and others, Search Exchange features three days of action, with the focus being on PPC, SEO, and Social Media Marketing, each on its own day. Early bird pricing has expired, but it’s still a bargain with a good assortment of speakers and topics.

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